Development and evaluation of bidirectional LSTM freeway traffic forecasting models using simulation data | Scientific Reports –


Abduljabbar, R. & Dia, H. Predictive Intelligence: a neural network learning system for traffic condition prediction and monitoring on freeways. J. Eastern Asia Soc. Transp. Stud. 13, 1785–1800 (2019).

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Abduljabbar, R., Dia, H., Liyanage, S. & Bagloee, S. A. Applications of artificial intelligence in transport: an overview. Sustainability 11(1), 189 (2019).


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Here’s How Much a COVID-19 Booster Might Protect You From Infection – SELF

If you’ve been waiting for more information to get your COVID-19 booster shot, the latest research from Israel suggests just how big of a difference a third dose can make—especially for young people. In the recent study, people 16 to 49 years old were 13 times less likely to test positive for COVID-19 after a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech, even as coronavirus cases in the country surged. The strongest protection began two weeks after the third dose and continued until the study ended a few weeks later.

What’s interesting about this study is that it was comparing boosted people to fully vaccinated people—and the improvements in immunity were still significant. The resea…….

What Students Are Saying About Dream Jobs, Math Education and Self-Compassion – The New York Times

I love math, and I believe that several excellent teachers have cultivated this passion to where it now stands. That said, much has to be said about the current rigid path of mathematics. Math is a vast and various field beyond the narrows of calculus. Other topics like statistics are at least equally important for most students. Personally, learning about data analysis gave me powerful skills that I apply every day in my science classes for accurately analyzing and understanding study findings. With its direct usefulness in other disciplines, I believe that core statistics will spark further curiosity in mathematics. We should look towards the future as well. …….

FAS Authorizes Three Ethnic Studies Faculty Candidates For Appointment | News – Harvard Crimson

Harvard has authorized three faculty candidates specializing in ethnic studies for appointment, a significant step in its long-running cluster hire for professors in the field, Dean of Social Science Lawrence D. Bobo said in an interview Friday.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Claudine Gay announced the search for three to four senior faculty in Latinx, Asian American, and Muslim studies in June 2019, with a goal of completion by the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, but it has been plagued by delays.

Bobo said the FAS has “moved ahead” with four potential senior candidates, three of whom have been authorized for appointment.

“We’re in that complicated proces…….

Gonzaga using unexpected layoff to self-reflect, begin preparations for Texas Tech – The Spokesman Review

Mark Few was in the final stages of preparing a game plan for Merrimack when Gonzaga’s coach got word the Bulldogs’ ensuing game against Washington had been cancelled due to ongoing COVID-19 issues within the Huskies’ program.

Understandably, Few had little time to process the news, let alone sketch out a revised schedule for the next week when he was asked Thursday night about how the Bulldogs would handle a nine-day layoff wedged between the Merrimack game and Saturday’s neutral-site contest against Texas Tech in Phoenix.

“What do you do for the next nine days?” one reporter asked.

“That’s a great question,” Few said.

When …….

Suicide and deliberate self-harm among women in Nepal: a scoping review – BMC Women’s Health – BMC Blogs Network

The results from this review provide an overview of the information about suicide and DSH among women in Nepal based on available literature. Findings from this study suggest that suicide and DSH among women is a worrisome public health problem in Nepal due to various underlying socio-cultural, economic and environmental factors. Based on our review, although suicide can occur at any age during the lifespan of an individual [1], suicide and DSH attempts are higher among younger females aged between 15–35 years compared to older ones [11, 15,16,17,18]. According to the MMMS (2008–2009), suicide stood out as the single leading cause of death among WRA in Nepal with 63% of suicide death…….

Students have innovative, cool ways to nap, relax, and study – UC Riverside

There are three places on campus where Highlanders can hit their wellness reset buttons. The UC Riverside amenities combine Gen-Z’s innate alignment with technology with humankind’s need for comfort and self-care.

Typically known for heart-pumping and sweat-inducing activities, the Student Recreation Center, or SRC, upped its holistic wellness game by adding nap pods and hydro massage chairs.

Nap Pods

Any member* of UCR’s on-campus rec center can enter SRC North and find two metronaps™ pods near the cardio machines and take a 20-minute power nap. At first glance, the nap pods give a major “The Jetsons” outer-space vibe that may be intimidating — but the reclini…….

Allowing patients to self-schedule mammograms frees up providers for other tasks, Mayo study shows – Health Imaging

Having patients schedule their own mammograms is much more efficient than requiring radiology staff to do the job and reduces the workload for these employees, according to data published this month.

In September 2019, Mayo Clinic’s primary care practice unveiled an application allowing patients to self-schedule their screening mammograms. Providers involved in the program analyzed one years’ worth of results and reported positive findings, along with some drawbacks, in the December issue of JMIR Medical Informatics.

Patient-scheduled exams, on average, required less than one action from staff, putting to rest the notion they would have to “clean up” appointments mad…….

Menstrual characteristics, menstrual anxiety and school attendance among adolescents in Uganda: a longitudinal study – BMC Women’s Health – BMC Blogs Network


Hennegan J, Montgomery P. Do menstrual hygiene management interventions improve education and psychosocial outcomes for women and girls in low and middle income countries? A systematic review. PLoS ONE. 2016;11(2):e0146985.


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