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I love math, and I believe that several excellent teachers have cultivated this passion to where it now stands. That said, much has to be said about the current rigid path of mathematics. Math is a vast and various field beyond the narrows of calculus. Other topics like statistics are at least equally important for most students. Personally, learning about data analysis gave me powerful skills that I apply every day in my science classes for accurately analyzing and understanding study findings. With its direct usefulness in other disciplines, I believe that core statistics will spark further curiosity in mathematics. We should look towards the future as well. With the rising presence of big data, having the skills to take advantage of this sensory surplus is vital for the progression of the internet of things. As data science and artificial intelligence become more prevalent in our lives, having a fundamental understanding of data analysis will help the populace understand what exactly they’re relying on. Boaler was right; the current focus of math is outdated for a past chapter of American history, and a change is needed to address the chapters to come.

— Michael, Fenton, MO

Going into class as a student and upon examining the board, you see an equation, and you immediately realize the inevitable: memorization is about to take place. In regards to the education of maths, one major discussion being addressed is the approach to teaching the subject. One standpoint suggests that memorization in math, such as equations, is essential for students to grasp and recall the information being taught, while the other advises that conceptual approaches will improve understanding of the topic at hand. In my experience, memorization does little to improve the most imperative goal of learning math: to enhance logical skills. When an equation is needed to solve a particular problem, students should be taught the relation of the equation to the problem, in order for the student to understand them. Having the ability to understand the how and why in math builds those logical skills, which is one of the ways the proposed California guidelines might be beneficial to go forth with.

— David, Union High School/Vancouver, WA

What I think would be the most effective way of teaching math is to have the teacher explain a concept and then come to individual students who have questions while the class is independently working on problems involving the concept so they can offer 1 on 1 learning. I also think projects are a good way to assess students as well as tests, but they should be done individually, not in groups.

— Kael, J.R. Masterman School Philadelphia

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